2011 Election Administration Achievements


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Wisconsin County Clerks
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City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission


Kevin Kennedy, director, and Nathaniel E. Robinson, elections division administrator

On behalf of members of the Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.) and our Elections Division staff, Nat Robinson and I wish you good health and prosperity during 2012!

G.A.B. members asked that we share their heartfelt appreciation for your dedication and commitment that significantly contributed to our shared success throughout 2011, a year like no other in the state’s electoral history.

In addition, Nat and I want to thank you for your patience, professionalism and positive attitude that you maintained during this game-changing year that provided challenges and opportunities.  Whether it was a recount, recalls or having to deal with the most sweeping change in election administration since this state’s 1848 statehood -- Voter Photo ID -- you stepped-up to the plate and achieved success.  You deserve our praise and gratitude. Thank you!

As we continue to plan and prepare for a more robust 2012 that will likely bring even more challenges and opportunities, we are confident your demonstrated commitment, dedication and success will serve as an inspiration and continue to be an exemplary model to the nation and the world on how this country’s most decentralized electoral system does it, and gets it right!

Attached for your information is a list of staff indentified top 10 2011 election administration successes that we can all be proud of.  Of course, there were lots more, but we decided to edit the longer list down to 10.  We plan to make this list available to the public in the form of a news release probably the second week of January, so you are encouraged to share your suggestions with us.

As the prayer of every election official goes, may the margin of victories for all the 2012 elections be large and wide. 

From our staff to you and yours, we wish you a successful 2012!

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 Members, G.A.B. Elections Division Staff