The State has set up the 2010 Spring Primary in SVRS


High Priority



All SVRS Users


Nathaniel E. Robinsion, Elections Division Administrator

Please note that this is the first of three High Priority e-mails from us. The second, regarding Voter Matching in SVRS, will follow next week; however, it is posted on the Elections Division web site on the Recent Clerk Communications page. A third High Priority e-mail regarding School Districts closing polling places will also be sent to you next week, though it is also on the web site now.
The 2010 Spring Primary (in SVRS) is now ready for engagement.

  • County clerks may now inherit the Spring Primary (where applicable) and notify the self-providers in their county.
  • Once the primary is inherited, contests and candidates for the Spring Primary can be entered. Please remember that only those offices requiring a primary are entered into SVRS.
  • A checklist is found on the Elections Division web site:…. This checklist is applicable for the 2010 Spring Primary and Spring Election
  • Notice: Make sure to assign a Reporting Unit Plan when you inherit the primary or election.

Starting this year, all municipalities need to select a Reporting Unit Plan whenever inheriting an election event. This action was not required before 2010. The Government Accountability Board has created three Reporting Plans in SVRS for each municipality to use. Before you inherit your election (or primary), check to see which Reporting Unit Plan matches the way you will be reporting your election results to your county clerk. Reporting Unit Plans can be found by expanding the Elections node, expanding the Plans node, and then expanding the Reporting Unit Plans node. Once you have determined which Reporting Unit Plan you are using for the Election, you can then inherit your election being sure to choose that Reporting Unit Plan from the dropdown box. If none of the existing Reporting Unit Plans match the way your municipality reports their election results, please contact your SVRS Specialist or the G.A.B. Help Desk.