The page contains news releases from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

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First Quarter Lobbying Review
Voters Respond Heavily to G.A.B. Letter
Government Accountability Board asks voters for help correcting voter information errors
Board Votes to Waive Per Diem for Future Meeting
Enforcement Status Report: Board Concludes Campaign Finance Investigation
Accountability Board’s Five-Year, $17.3 Million Election Administration Plan Sent to Legislature
Report to Accountability Board: Poll Shows Wisconsin’s Voters More Satisfied Than Neighbor States’
State to Begin Retroactive Voter Record Checks
Governor Receives the Names of Two Nominees to Serve on the Government Accountability Board
Wisconsin Spring Election Features Important State Races
Government Accountability Board Endorses Strengthening State Ethics, Lobbying & Campaign Finance Laws
G.A.B. Sends Issue Ad Rule to the Legislature
Final Reminder: Wisconsin’s Inactive Voters Have One Week to Return Postcard
G.A.B. Provides $500,000 to Clerks for Improving Elections
State’s Chief Elections Official to Testify Before Congress
Inactive Voters Have Two Weeks to Respond
Wisconsin Spring Primary Election Results Certified
Chief Justice to Select Government Accountability Candidate Committee Members Tuesday
Elections Division to Conduct Voter Record Maintenance
Wisconsinites Urged to Vote in Tomorrow’s Primary Superintendent of Public Instruction Leads State Ballot
Accountability Board Will Move to New Headquarters
G.A.B. Report Spurs Wisconsin Attorney General to Finally Concede Voter Records Lawsuit
G.A.B. Votes to Issue Rule to Encourage Uniform Electronic Campaign Finance Report Filing
Jefferson County Circuit Court, Branch 1 Ballot Access Deadline Extended
Campaign Finance Deadline Approaches
Statement on Campaign Finance Information System
G.A.B. Approves New Voting Equipment
Five-Year Election Plan Approved by Joint Committee on Finance
State receives $3.9 million in federal election funds
G.A.B. Announces Ballot Access Decisions
G.A.B. Announces New Officers
G.A.B. Statement Regarding Citizens United vs. FEC