The page contains news releases from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Media Contact: Reid Magney, public information officer, 608-267-7887, or [email protected].

Accountability Board Invites Public Comments about Election Observer Rules
Independent Groups Spent Nearly $10 million on Elections
Nearly 50 percent of Eligible Voters Turned out for a Relatively Trouble-Free Election
Election Day Issues -- 9:20 p.m. Update
Last Minute Tips for Wisconsin Voters 2010
Voters Have Rights and Responsibilities on November 2
Accountability Board Reminds Election Observers of Rules
Top 10 Things a Wisconsin Voter Should Know for Election Day 2010
G.A.B. Enhances Online Complaints and Comments Website
Election Officials Are Prepared for Election Day – Are You?
Voter Turnout Estimated at 50 percent for November 2 Election
Absentee Ballot Request Mailing Prompts Complaints
G.A.B. 2011-2013 Biennial Budget Request
Important Information for Military and Overseas Voters
Government Accountability Candidate Committee Vacancy Filled
Chief Justice to Select Government Accountability Candidate Committee Member Wednesday
Wisconsin Resolves Military and Overseas Voting Issue
Voter Turnout Estimated at 28 percent for September 14 Primary Election
G.A.B. Statement on MOVE Act Waiver Denial
G.A.B. Resolves Lawsuit on Campaign Ad Rules
New G.A.B. Rule 1.28 on Campaign Ads in Effect August 1
Deadlines Approach for Candidates’ Financial Disclosure and Campaign Finance Filings -- Extended Hours
Final Candidate Filings Available at G.A.B. web site
G.A.B. Closed July 2 and 5 for Furlough Day and Holiday
Governor Appoints Judge Deininger to G.A.B.
G.A.B.: Candidates, Start Your Nominating Petitions!
G.A.B. Launches New Web Site
G.A.B. News Briefing June 1
G.A.B. Announces Emergency Rule on Independent Political Ads
Governor Receives the Names of Two Nominees to Serve on the Government Accountability Board
G.A.B. Announces Excessive Contribution Actions
Elections Board Pledges to Work For Smooth Transition
Primary Voters Must Now Register With Clerk or At Polls
Latest State Campaign Finance Information Available
Tuesday, February 20, 2007, is Primary Election Day in Wisconsin!
Wisconsin Elections Have No ‘Integrity Problem’
Elections Board and Green Campaign Settle Suit, Agree to Disagree on Campaign Finance Law
Possible Cases of Illegal Voting From 2006 Election Are Sent to County D.A.s
Kennedy to Highlight Wisconsin’s Non-Partisan Election Administration at National Conference on Wednesday
Elections Board Statement about the SVRS
New Registration System Credited for Twice-Voting Conviction
Wisconsin Receives High Marks for Election Administration
Presidential Preference Selection Committee Meets Tuesday, December 11, 2007
Accountability Board Hires New Division Administrators
Elections Board Reaches Agreement with Vendor Over State Voter Registration System
Candidates Certified for Wisconsin Presidential Primary
Government Accountability Board Begins Work Today
State Appeals for Poll Workers for February 19 Primary
State Announces New Online Assistance for Voters
Polling Place Access to be Underscored for Tuesday’s Primary