The page contains news releases from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

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G.A.B. Stops Enforcing Aggregate PAC Limits
G.A.B. Certifies Primary Results, Turnout Was 12.7%
Recounts for the August 12 Partisan Primary
Turnout Estimated at 15 percent for August 12 Partisan Primary
Top Ten Things Wisconsin Primary Voters Need to Know
Beware Old Voter Registration Forms
Kennedy Returns from Observing South Korean Elections
Handwriting Issues Have Not Kept Candidates off Ballot
Media Advisory: Covering the June 2 Candidate Filing Deadline
G.A.B. Will Not Enforce Aggregate Campaign Donation Limit
Wisconsin Voter Data Now Available Online
G.A.B.: 2014 Fall Election Season Kicks Off Today
Governor Receives Nominees to Government Accountability Board
Wisconsin Remains among Top States in Elections
New Voter Registration Requirements Take Effect
Turnout Estimated at 12 percent for April 1 Election
Media Advisory: How to View January Continuing 2014 Campaign Finance Reports
G.A.B. Director Testifies before U.S. Senate Committee on Military and Overseas Voting Rights Bill
Presidential Commission on Election Administration Recognizes Wisconsin’s Innovations
G.A.B. Announces New Officers for 2014
State’s Chief Elections Official to Testify before Presidential Commission on Election Administration
G.A.B. Issues Polling Place Accessibility Report
State of Wisconsin Mails Postcards to Inactive Voters
Unofficial Turnout 19.3 percent for April 2 Election
Governor Receives Nominees to Government Accountability Board
Turnout Estimated at 20 percent for April 2 Election
State of Wisconsin to Conduct Voter Record Maintenance in April
G.A.B. Releases 2012 Local Election Data and Costs
G.A.B. Releases Final Report on Election Day Registration
Election Officials Ready for February 19 Primary
New G.A.B. Candidate Committee Selected
Chief Justice to Select New G.A.B. Candidate Committee
Pew: Wisconsin Leads Nation in Elections
G.A.B. Announces New Officers for 2013
Michael Haas Appointed Elections Division Administrator
Wisconsin’s Presidential Electors Meet Monday, December 17
G.A.B. Certifies Fall 2012 Election Results
Absentee (Early) Voting Update
Media Advisory: Covering Election Day 2012
News Advisory: Letter to Election Observer Organizations
Top 10 Things Voters Should Know for Election Day
In-Person Absentee (Early) Voting Update
In-Person Absentee (Early) Voting Off to Robust Start
Military and Overseas Ballot Lawsuit Resolved
Wednesday Last Day for Voter Registration Drives
What Voters Need to Know About Registration and Absentee Ballot Mailings
G.A.B. Announces New Tool for Voters, Urges Early Registration
Wisconsin’s Military and Overseas Voters Have New Online Absentee Ballot Delivery Option
G.A.B. Releases 2012 Election Cost Data
G.A.B. Launches “Voting 101: Back to Basics” Speaker Series