The page contains news releases from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

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Haas Asks Senators for Hearing and Confirmation Vote
Haas Nominated for Leadership Position in NASED
Letter from WEC Acting Administrator Haas to Senator Fitzgerald and Speaker Vos
Letter from WEC Chair Mark Thomsen to Senate Committee on Senate Organization
Deadline Approaching for Spring Election Candidates
Statement by Michael Haas
WEC Statement on Attorney General’s Report
WEC Certifies Candidates for Three Special Elections
State of Wisconsin Mails Postcards to Voters Who May Have Moved
Update on Wisconsin Elections Cyber Security
Letter to Assembly Speaker and Senate Majority Leader regarding Governor's vetoe of WEC positions
Wisconsin Notified of Unsuccessful Russian Hacking Attempt
King Resigns from Wisconsin Elections Commission
WEC Chair Thomsen Extends Condolences to Kenyan Election Officials
Elections Commission Completes 2016 Voter List Maintenance
Elections Commission Chair Responds to Federal Request for Wisconsin Voter Information
Updated Statement on Federal Request for Wisconsin Voter Information
State of Wisconsin Mails Postcards to Inactive Voters
Statement on Joint Committee on Finance Action on WEC Biennial Budget Request
Turnout Information for April 4 Spring Election
Important Reminders for Voters about the April 4 Spring Election
Wisconsin Elections Commission Sends Budget Letters to Governor and Legislators
Millis Resigns, Jensen Joins Wisconsin Elections Commission
Spring Primary Is February 21
Voters Still Have Time to Get ID for Primary Day
Media Advisory: Covering the Electoral College Vote
Wisconsin Recount Completed Ahead of Schedule with Relatively Small Changes to Final Totals
Wisconsin Recount More Than 70 percent Complete, Relatively Few Totals Changed
Wisconsin Recount Proceeding on Schedule without Major Problems
Wisconsin Elections Commission Receives $3.5 million Payment from Stein Campaign for Presidential Election Recount
Wisconsin Elections Commission Releases Presidential Election Recount Cost Estimate of $3.5 million
Wisconsin Elections Commission Approves Timeline for Presidential Election Recount
Wisconsin Elections Commission Receives Two Presidential Election Recount Petitions
Post-Election Update II: Potential Recount, Voting Equipment Audits, Provisional Balots, Absentee Ballots
Post-Election Update
Election Day Updates
Wisconsinites Shatter Absentee Voting Records
Media Advisory: Covering the November 2016 General Election
Voter Turnout Estimated at 3.1 million
News Advisory: Letter to Election Observer Organizations
Time Running out for Voters to Return Absentee Ballots
Voters Still Have Time to Get ID for Election Day
Top 10 Things Voters Should Know for Election Day
Wisconsin Mails 1.28M Postcards to Unregistered Adults
What Voters Should Know about Registration and Absentee Ballot Mailings
DMV Offers Overnight Delivery of Free Photo ID Document Near Election
Turnout about 13 percent for August 9 Partisan Primary
Free Photo ID for Voting Now Available with One Trip to DMV
Top Five Things Voters Should Know for Primary Day
Statement Regarding One Wisconsin Institute Decision