ID Petition Process Reminders


Voters who do not have supporting documentation, such as a certified copy of their birth certificate, necessary to obtain a free State of Wisconsin ID card from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) have the option to use the ID Petition Process (IDPP) to obtain the documentation necessary to vote. These voters can apply for a State of Wisconsin ID card from any DMV service center through the IDPP and the voter will be mailed a temporary receipt for their ID that can be used for voting purposes while the DMV verifies the voter’s missing information.  

IDPP Palm Card

WEC has created a palm card that can be distributed to voters to provide them with information about the IDPP option if they do not have an acceptable ID for voting purposes and also do not have access to the required documentation needed to obtain a free State of Wisconsin ID. Both English and Spanish language versions of the palm card have been created and posted to the WEC website here: A two-page version of the palm card is available on that page that is more conducive to posting in your office or at polling places on election day, while the single page version can be printed for distribution for voters.

The IDPP palm card, and information about the IDPP, should be posted or distributed in the following places or situations:

1)    Post the IDPP palm card and information about the process on your municipal website, if applicable, or share through other means such as social media.
2)    Have the IDPP palm card available during in-person absentee voting, whether voting takes place in the clerk’s office or at an alternate site, or sites.
3)    Distribute the palm card to any voter who is issued a provisional ballot on Election Day if they did not have an acceptable ID for voting purposes. This will require that IDPP palm cards are printed and distributed to each polling place on Election Day and that election inspectors are trained to provide this resource to provisional voters. Clerks should also ensure updated Provisional Voting Information Sheets (EL-123is) are provided to each polling place that contain the reference to the IDPP receipt as an acceptable form of proof of identification for voting purposes or for curing a provisional ballot. The Provisional Voting Information Sheet is available in both English and Spanish on the agency website here:  

Additional IDPP Information 

For more detailed information regarding the IDPP, please visit the DMV’s website: 

For additional information regarding the IDPP, please visit the WEC’s Bring It to the Ballot website: 

If you have questions regarding the IDPP or these recommendations, please contact the Elections Commission HelpDesk at @email or at (608) 261-2028.