Lobbying Reporting

Chapter 13, subchapter III of the Wisconsin Statutes governs lobbyists and organizations that employ lobbyists. Organizations are required to report within 15 days of lobbying on a specific legislative or administrative proposal or topic.

Lobbying organizations are also required to complete a Statement of Lobbying Activities and Expense Report (SLAE) every six months.

Reporting Deadlines

The table below outlines the reporting deadlines for a legislative session. Lobbyists and organizations that employ a lobbyist must use the Eye On Lobbying website to complete all required reports. 

Reporting Period
SLAE Due Date
January 1 through June 30 (odd year)
July 31 (odd year)
July 1 through December 31 (odd year)
January 31 (even year)
January 1 through June 30 (even year)
July 31 (even year)
July 1 through December 31 (even year)
January 31 (odd year)

NOTE: Lobbying organizations registered for at least one day during the reporting period must complete a SLAE for that period.

Here are a few examples of when reports are required:

  • If an organization that employs a lobbyist completes all required reports and withdraws as a registered lobbying organization on June 29 of an odd year, they would not be required to complete SLAEs for the three remaining periods of the lobbying session, unless they would meet the reporting requirements and need to re-register.
  •  If a licensed lobbyist completes are require reports to date and then surrenders their lobbying license on July 4th of an even year, they would still need to complete their time report for the final period covering July1 through December 31 of that year.

Late Reports

The Government Accountability Board has adopted a settlement offer schedule for late filing of semi-annual lobbying reports.  Please consult the schedule attached below.

Online Reporting Tools 

The new Eye On Lobbying website allows lobbyists and lobbying organizations to: 

  • Report an interest/position on a bill, budget bill subject, administrative rulemaking procedure, or topic within 15 days of making the first lobbying communication on a matter
  • Complete a lobbyist time report for a six-month reporting period (January to June or July to December)
  • Complete an organization’s six-month Statement of Lobbying Activities and Expenditures (SLAE) report.

State Agency Legislative Liaisons

  • All state agencies must file a legislative liaison report with the Government Accountability Board every six months.
  • Each agency must identify key staff and agency officials whose regular duties including attempting to influence legislative action.
  • These reports are due by January 31 and July 31 each year.
  • They must identify for each employee their name, title, salary paid by the State of Wisconsin, the proportionate amount of time spent on legislative activity, and the general area of legislative action that they attempted to influence.