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State of Wisconsin
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
League of Wisconsin Municipalities
Wisconsin County Clerks Association
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Association
Wisconsin Towns Association
Wisconsin Counties Association
Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Campaigns and Elections
Wisconsin Senate Committee on Elections and Local Government


Federal Election Commission
Federal Voting Assistance Program
US Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Voting Section
US Election Assistance Commission

National and International Organizations

Election Center (National Association of Election Officials)
National Association of State Elections Directors
International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)
International Institute for Democracy & Electoral Assistance (IDEA)

Non-Partisan Political Information

Council on Governmental Ethics Law
Election Line.Org
League of Women Voters of Wisconsin Illuminating Money and Politics
National Institute on Money in State Politics:
The Wheeler Report
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign
Wisconsin Vote (Wisconsin Public Radio & Television)

Political Parties

Democratic Party of Wisconsin
Republican Party of Wisconsin
Constitution Party of Wisconsin
Libertarian Party of Wisconsin
Wisconsin Green Party

Non-Partisan Education Resources for Voters with Disabilities

Disability Rights Wisconsin 
Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition