Is the clerk required to be at the polling place on election day?

On election day, the polling place is under the control of the election inspectors.  The clerk is an election administrator and has other duties on election day outside of the polling place.  Therefore, the Government Accountability Board does not advise that a municipal clerk serve as an election inspector.  If the municipal clerk must serve as an inspector, he or she must be appointed an an inspector and may not be a candidate at the election.  3/24/2003

What is the role of the municipal clerk on election day?

The municipal clerk is an election administrator and, as such, should be available to the election inspectors on election day for advice, supplies, etc.  In addition, there are circumstances where a hospitalized elector or sequestered juror may request an absentee ballot from the clerk on election day.  Therefore, if the clerk is unable to be available on election day, a deputy should be appointed to act in the clerk's absence.  3/24/2003