SVRS 8.0 – Redistricting Checklist



A checklist clerks should follow to verify that their new districts have been set up correctly

The Government Accountability Board – Elections Division has now made version 8.0 of the SVRS application available for use by Wisconsin’s municipal clerks. This new version includes the new districts for 2012 based on redistricting.

This document is a checklist that clerks should follow to verify that their new districts have been set up correctly, set up new plans for polling places and reporting units, and verify that all voters have been correctly placed in their new districts. Other data quality checks, verifying addresses and school district assignment, are also included.

Overview and Contents

1) District Combos – Page 2. The first step is to verify that the new district combos and districts are correct. Contact the G.A.B. (using the SVRS Incident Reporting website provided below) if there are any problems with extra or missing districts – G.A.B. technical staff will have to fix your maps.
2) Polling Place Locations – Page 4. Polling place locations must be created if your polling locations have changed, or if the name of the polling place has changed (usually because the district was included in the name and is no longer correct).
3) Polling Place and Reporting Unit Plans – Page 5. New Polling Place Assignment Plans and Reporting Unit plans must be created in every municipality.
4) Voters with no District Combo – Page 6. Voters with no district combos must be corrected by updating the voter’s address and placing the address in the correct location on the map.
5) Geocode Exceptions – Page 10. Verify addresses with questionable geocodes (geocode exception) are placed correctly on the map.
6) Address/Boundary Exceptions – Page 14. Verify addresses near boundary lines to ensure each voter is in the correct district.
7) School District Exceptions – Page 20. Fix voters whose school district has been changed by the redistricting process.
8) Address Conversion Issues – Page 22. Double-check addresses that were changed during the data conversion by the post office software. Most updates will be valid changes, but some will need to be corrected.
9) Directions on producing a mailing to inform voters of changes to their districts and polling places will follow shortly.
10) Incident Tracker – Page 25. If you have issues with your data or the usability of the software, we have a special SVRS incident tracker set up on the web to collect and prioritize these issues. The SVRS Incident Reporting website is located at . Click on the words “Create a Service Request” and fill out the incident form that opens. If you want to attach a file to your incident you should send it by email to [email protected].