May 20 Elections Commission Meeting/CARES Act Grant Update 


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Meagan Wolfe, Administrator

The Wisconsin Elections Commission understands that many clerks were waiting for the May 20, 2020 Commission Meeting to learn how 2020 CARES Act grant funds will be applied.  

At yesterday’s meeting the Commission decided to further study different options for the allocation of CARES Act funds and to reconvene on Wednesday, May 27, 2020.  The Commission did authorize up to $500,000 to immediately order sanitation supplies and personal protective equipment for the August and November Elections.  The WEC will begin working with the State Emergency Operations Center to work to procure supplies.  This leaves approximately $6.8 million in federal funding to be allocated. 

The remaining CARES Act topics to be considered on May 27 are:

  1. A subgrant to municipalities to cover unbudgeted expenses related to the COVID-19 crisis
  2. A voter education mailing to explain the absentee voting process
  3. Whether to move forward with, or to suspend, a proposal to redesign absentee envelopes.

In addition to the topics above, the Commission will also consider the design of the “Eligible but Unregistered” (EBU) mailing that must be completed this summer as is required by the state’s membership in ERIC. See Wis. Stat. § 6.36(1)(ae)2.

Commission staff have received many comments about these proposals and we very much value your input.  Further information will be published following the Commission’s next meeting on May 27, 2020.