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Meagan Wolfe, Administrator

WEC staff counsel Mike Haas has accepted a position at the City Attorney for the City of Madison and will be leaving the Elections Commission after a distinguished career in Wisconsin elections.  Many of you know and have worked with Mike over his nearly 12 years with the state election agencies. Mike’s last day in the WEC office is Friday May 15, 2020 but he hopes to also attend the May 20 meeting of the Commission.  

Mike has served the State of Wisconsin since 2008 in many capacities spanning the Government Accountability Board and the Wisconsin Elections Commission.  Mike began with the GAB as staff counsel, and then served as the Elections Division Administrator from 2013 until the transition to the WEC in 2016.  Mike was selected as the first interim administrator of the newly created WEC and served in this capacity for the 2016 Presidential Election and 2017 election cycle before moving back into the WEC staff counsel position in 2018.  Mike has been an integral part of the Wisconsin election story and has played a key role in the oversight and direction of elections in Wisconsin.   

Throughout his tenure, Mike has provided legal guidance regarding significant election-related events including Presidential and Gubernatorial elections, the implementation of statewide changes to election law, such as the photo ID requirement, and supported the agency during numerous legal challenges to election law.  He has also played a key role in the evolution of elections in Wisconsin through the development of a new statewide voter registration system, the implementation of online voter registration and an increased focus on elections security in recent years.  

Mike’s expertise, poise and commitment to elections will be greatly missed by local and state election officials alike.  WEC staff wishes to thank Mike for his exemplary service, and his presence in the office will be greatly missed.  At the same time staff celebrate Mike’s new opportunity and wish him all the best in this next phase of his career at the City of Madison.