Statement on Wisconsin Court of Appeals Decision


MADISON, WI – Meagan Wolfe, administrator of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, issued the following statement today following the Wisconsin Court of Appeals decision in favor of the state in the case involving the 2019 movers mailing:

“We appreciate the Court of Appeals decision and will move forward with the process approved by the members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission in June 2019 for handling mailings sent to potential movers.”

“The important thing for voters to know is that if you have moved, you need to be registered at your current address before you can vote. Eligible, registered voters who have not moved (or legally changed their names) can vote without having to reregister, even if we sent you a movers mailing in 2019.”

“No voters have been deactivated if they did not respond to the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s mailing in October 2019 to voters who may have moved. The mailing was to make sure that voters who have moved know how to reregister at their current address and to encourage them to do that before the election or on election day.”


Wisconsin residents with a valid Wisconsin driver license or state ID card can register to vote online at the MyVote Wisconsin website ( until 20 days before the election. All eligible voters can register in their municipal clerk’s office until the Friday before an election.  All eligible voters can register on election day at their polling place.

For more information, contact

Public Information Officer Reid Magney, 608-267-7887, [email protected]