Updated movers mailing information


Due to continuing media and public interest in the status of the WEC's mailing to voters who may have moved, we are posting two spreadsheets. Please visit the link for background information about the mailing itself.

The first spreadsheet (Updated List Movers Mailings by Municipality.xlsx) is an updated count of the number of letters sent to voters in each Wisconsin municipality. In October, we included a similar spreadsheet with the original news release about this mailing. That spreadsheet had approximately 234,039 names, and that number has been repeatedly cited in the litigation and news stories about the movers mailing.  The updated spreadsheet shows approximately 232,579 names. The difference is that between the creation of the first movers mailing list (which the first spreadsheet is based on) and the final mailing list, 1,460 people reregistered to vote at new addresses.  Those who reregistered were not included in the final mailing list.

The second spreadsheet (2019 Movers Mailing Response Statistics by County.xlsx) is a county-by-county breakdown of what has happened since the mailing. For each county, there are three numbers:

  • How many voters have no response recorded.
  • How many voters have requested continuation of their registration.
  • How many letters were returned to the municipal clerk's office as undeliverable by the post office.

Adding those three numbers together will provide the total number of mailings sent to each county. One important thing to note is that these numbers depend on municipal clerks recording the undelivered mailings in our system. Due to the holidays and other time constraints, not all those returned mailings may have been recorded. 

As of today, no voters have been removed from the active voter list. The Commission is waiting for direction from the courts on further action.

Statewide, here are the numbers: 

  • Letters mailed - 232,579
  • Returned by the post office as undeliverable - 60,676
  • No Response Requesting Continuation - 169,491
  • Voters Requesting Continuation - 2,412

So far, 20,743 people on the movers mailing list have reregistered to vote. At this time we are not able to break down what proportion comes from people who have not responded to request continuation or people whose letter came back as undeliverable.

For more information, contact

Reid Magney, public information officer, 608-267-7887, or [email protected].