UPDATE: Municipal Clerk Training Report Posted for 2018-2019 Term - list updated 1 28 2020


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Allison Coakley, Elections Training Coordinator
Richard Rydecki, Assistant Administrator


This training report will continue to be updated on a rolling basis. Clerks should continue to report their training hours from the last term even though the deadline has passed.


Municipal clerks are required by state law to take and report at least six hours of election training every training term to the Wisconsin Elections Commission.  For training purposes, municipal clerks are currently in the 2018-2019 term and must complete this term’s election training by December 31, 2019.  Election training taken between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2019 will recertify a municipal clerk for the 2020-2021 term.  

For new municipal clerks, three of the six hours must be the Municipal Clerk Core (MCT Core) training class or the equivalent training taken at the Wisconsin Municipal Clerks Institute in Green Bay.  Clerks who need to take the MCT Core class should follow the instructions for “new municipal clerks” on our website:  https://elections.wi.gov/clerks/education-training/municipal-clerk-cert.

Municipal clerks who have not taken and reported at least six hours of election training for the 2018-2019 term by the end of this year will lose their certification and be considered noncompliant with state training laws.  

Training Report

The Municipal Clerk Training Report has been posted on the WEC website with this clerk communication and lists the number of hours clerks have reported to us so far this term.  It is important to note that as a new clerk you may have reported a minimum of six hours of election training, but because you need to take the MCT Core class, you are considered noncompliant with state training laws.  

Please contact us if you are a municipal clerk and do not appear or appear incorrectly on the report.  Deputy clerks and other office staff who have submitted training information are not listed on this report as they are not required by state law to be certified.  

The training report is displayed in HINDI number order.  This order may be helpful for county clerks interested in reviewing the training reported so far by the municipal clerks in their respective counties.  Municipal clerks can search the report by selecting Ctrl+F on their computer keyboard and entering their HINDI number, name or jurisdiction in the text box. 

If you have training to report to us, please use the form on our website: https://elections.wi.gov/forms/mct-hours-reporting or enter the training directly into WisVote if you use the system.  The training will be displayed as “approval pending” until we review the training submission and mark it approved or denied.  It will still appear in the posted training report.  

Training that does not appear on the report may be due to the following:    

  • The training was recently submitted and is in the process of being entered.  The training report will be updated each week.  
  • You did not report the training.  For example, registration for a webinar or signing a class roster does not report your training to the Commission.  
  • The training report was faxed and is not legible.  If possible, please submit training reports online using the instructions and email address listed at the bottom of the reporting form.  
  • The training reported is not election-related training or the number of hours reported for a training session exceeds the allowable number.  For example, anything “equipment-related,” such as pre-election testing of voting equipment, voting equipment training, etc., may only be counted as one hour of training per term, regardless of how many attended or how long they last.  Also, the October 5 webinar outlining the security subgrant process may not be counted as training, as noted on the clerk memo posted with the webinar access information.  
  • We did not receive the training report.  Clerks emailing reporting forms using the email address on the bottom of the form will receive a confirmation that we received it.  All clerks receive an email that their training was entered into WisVote.  If you do not receive an email, it may be located in your spam mailbox or you have a pop-up blocker on your email account that prevents the receipt of the notification. 

Training Options

Election training that counts toward clerk certification is listed on our website:  http://elections.wi.gov/clerks/education-training/municipal-clerk-cert.  For example, the webinar recordings conducted live and then archived on the WEC website can be viewed on a computer:  http://elections.wi.gov/clerks/education-training/webinars.  Clerks can receive training credit for the length of the webinar, which typically run one to two hours each.  


If you have any questions, please contact Allison Coakley:  allison.coakley@wi.gov or (608) 261-2033.  Thank you.