2019 Movers Mailing Update and WisVote Instructions


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Meagan Wolfe, Administrator

The 2019 Movers letter will be hitting the mail stream the week of October 7-11; there are a total of 234,039 letters being mailed.  The voter records identified for this mailing will remain active but will have an updated status reason of “Movers” and will appear as Active/Movers in WisVote.

Recipients who act by either confirming through MyVote, voting, or returning the postcard attached to the letter will have their status reason updated to “Registered.”  For those that choose to vote to update their record, the update will automatically take place, when the clerk or staff enter participation, by changing the voter status reason from “Movers” to “Registered” while keeping their status as “Active.”

If the letter is returned to the clerk’s office as undeliverable, update the status reason for the mailing record in WisVote (under Mailings tile), as “Undeliverable” and Save & Close the mailing record.  There is no requirement to send any follow-up 30-day letters.  However, if a 30-day letter is sent for another reason and it comes back as undeliverable then it would be handled normally, and you can inactivate the voter record. 

Anyone receiving the mailing who registered on MyVote after the data cutoff date of July 1, 2019, will have a newer record already created with a status of Active/Registered.  The older record associated with the mailing will be updated as you merge those records.  It is important for clerks to remain diligent with their duplicate Reg List Alerts at this time so voters who registered at their new address will see their most current record, should they check on MyVote.

Records where a voter-initiated registration transaction took place in another state have been inactivated on Friday, October 4, 2019.  WisVote will show these 25,198 records as Inactive/Movers List. 

On the subsequent pages of this communication, you will find a sample of the mailing (two-sided letter), step-by-step WisVote instructions, and how voters confirm their addresses in MyVote. Clerks can view the complete list of voters receiving the 2019 Movers mailing by selecting the “2019 ERIC All” view, in the “Mailings” tile, and from there it can also be exported as a complete list by using the “Export to Excel” button. 

There will not be supplemental poll books for Movers.  However, there is still ongoing discussion about how a watermark will appear in the regular poll book and what instructions are needed for poll workers.  Further communication and instructions will be provided in another communication in early December 2019. 

For further information, please watch the 2019 Movers webinar or contact the Help Desk at 608-261-2028 or [email protected].



Please click on the attachment above to see the entire memorandum, including the sample mailing, instructions and MyVote information.