In section seven on the Voter Registration Application (EL-131), what identifying number must a voter provide?

The progression is as follows:

Voter who possesses a WI driver license or WI DOT issued ID:

•    If it is current and valid (not revoked, suspended or expired)

o        Voter must provide the license number
o        If they cannot or won’t provide the number, they can register and vote provisionally

•    If driver license is revoked, suspended or expired 

o        Voter must provide the last 4 digits of their Social Security number (SS#)
o        They may also provide the number on their license or ID (optional)

Voter who does not possess a WI driver license

•    Voter must provide the last 4 digits of their SS#

o        If the voter cannot provide the last 4 digits of their SS#, they may not register or vote

Voter who possesses neither a WI driver license nor a state ID nor an SS#

•    Checks in the box indicating they have no WI driver license/state ID nor SS#