The page contains news releases from the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Media Contact: Reid Magney, public information officer, 608-267-7887, or [email protected].

Wisconsin Mails Voting Information to Registered Voters
Wisconsin Needs Poll Workers for November!
Wisconsin Voting Deadlines and Facts for November 2020
Low-Turnout Partisan Primary Gives Election Officials Practice for November
Top Things Voters Should Know for the Partisan Primary August 11 2020 - COVID-19
Independent Candidates for President File Paperwork
Wisconsin Still Needs Poll Workers!
More Than 330,000 Absentee Ballots Already Returned for August 11 Partisan Primary
State of Wisconsin Mails Postcards to Eligible but Unregistered Residents
WEC Prepares for Fall Elections by Approving Block Grants to Municipalities and Mailing to Voters - COVID-19
WEC Moves Candidate Filing Location to UW-Madison Due to COVID-19 Starting May 26
WEC Releases Analysis of Absentee Voting in April 7 Spring Election
More Than 69,000 Absentee Ballots Already Returned for May 12 Special Election
More Than 93,000 Absentee Ballots Requested for May 12 Special Election
Wisconsin Elections Commission Urges Absentee Voting in 7th CD Special Election May 12 due to COVID-19
WEC Administrator Meagan Wolfe Media Availability
REVISED: Revised: Top 10 Things Voters Should Know about the April 7 Spring Election and Presidential Primary - COVID-19
Absentee Ballot Requests for April 7 Exceed 1 million  - COVID-19
What Wisconsin Voters Should Know about Third-Party Absentee Ballot Mailings
Online Voter Registration for April 7 Available Again Until March 30
Absentee Ballot Requests for April 7 Exceed 550,000 Amid COVID-19 Concerns
Wisconsin Needs Poll Workers to Deal with COVID-19 Situation
Letter to Governor Evers from Wisconsin Elections Commission Regarding COVID-19
Absentee Ballot Requests for April 7 Already Exceed Last Three Spring Election Absentee Numbers Due to COVID-19
Wisconsin Elections Commission Responds to Coronavirus COVID-19, Urges Absentee Voting 
Elections Commission Takes Action on COVID-19 Issues for April 7 and May 12 Elections 
Elections Commission Refers Potential Cross-State Voting Cases to DAs 
Statement on Wisconsin Court of Appeals Decision
MyVote Wisconsin Website Address Lookup Working Again after Experiencing Issues 
Wisconsin Partners with Microsoft and VotingWorks for Pilot Test of New Voting Technology  
Important Reminders for Voters about the February 18 Spring Primary 
WEC Releases Movers Mailing List 
Three Decisions Issued in Milwaukee City and County Ballot Cases
Republican and Democratic Candidates Selected for Presidential Primary
Statement regarding today's WEC meeting about the voter list case
Updated movers mailing information
Presidential Preference Selection Committee to Meet, Choose Candidates for Wisconsin’s April Presidential Vote
Statement regarding decision in voter list case
WEC Announces MyVote Wisconsin Outage 
WEC Comments on WILL Complaint 
WEC Convenes Wisconsin Elections Security Council 
State of Wisconsin Mails Letters to Voters Who May Have Moved
Wisconsin Elections Commission Offers Grants to Help Improve Cyber Security
State of Wisconsin Mails Postcards to Inactive Voters
Wisconsin Election Audits Confirm Results
Wisconsin State Senate Confirms Meagan Wolfe  
Turnout 26.6% in Close April 2 Spring Election 
Media Advisory: Covering the April 2019 Spring Election 
Important Reminders for Voters About the April 2 Spring Election 
WEC Receives Federal Honor for Election Security Training