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May 20 Elections Commission Meeting/CARES Act Grant Update  Information Only
CARES Act Grant Emails from Outside Group and Grant Updates High Priority
Mike Haas Leaving WEC for New Opportunity Information Only
Indefinitely Confined Absentee Request Confirmation Process Information Only
WEC Extended Hours and Election Supplies in Support of the Congressional District 7 Special Election on May 12, 2020 - COVID-19 Timely Attention Required
Spring Elections' Best Practices webinar  Information Only
Election Day Procedures for 7th Congressional District Webinar- Q & A Session - COVID-19 Information Only
WisVote Grab-Bag Webinar   Information Only
Sample News Release for CD7 County and Municipal Clerks Encouraging Absentee Voting Due to COVID-19 Timely Attention Required
Spring Post-Election WisVote webinar - rescheduled Timely Attention Required
Spring Post-Election WisVote Webinar Timely Attention Required
EL-362 WisVote Clerk Contact Information Update Form Timely Attention Required
WEC Extended Hours Today: Open until 7:00 PM on April 13, 2020 - COVID-19 Information Only
UPDATED - Postmark Issues and Processing Absentee Ballots - COVID-19 High Priority
County and School District Canvass Guidance High Priority
Procedures for April 13, 2020 and Municipal Canvass of Election Results - COVID-19 High Priority
Municipal Canvass and Central Count Canvass Meeting Notice Template - COVID-19 Updated Information Only
Absentee Ballot Postmark Considerations - COVID-19 High Priority
URGENT -- Wisconsin Supreme Court Orders Election Day to Continue and U.S. Supreme Court Alters Ballot Receipt Deadline; Tallying and Reporting Results Still Prohibited Until April 13 - COVID-19 High Priority
Gov. Evers Order - COVID-19 High Priority
Updated Guidance on Election Night Procedures - COVID-19 High Priority
AMENDMENT 2-Processing Absentee Hand-Count Consolidated Paper Ballots at April 7th Election Timely Attention Required
Updated Absentee Witness Signature Requirement Guidance - COVID-19 Timely Attention Required
Updates to Federal Court Order Affecting Spring Election – Witness Signature Required; No Release of Results Until April 13th at 4:00 p.m. - COVID-19 High Priority
Election Day Supplies - COVID 19 High Priority
Webinar for County and Municipal Clerks: Federal Court Decision Updates - COVID-19 High Priority
Federal Court Order Affects Spring Election – Absentee Ballot Request and Receipt Deadlines Extended COVID-19 High Priority
WEC Extended Hours in Support of the Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary on April 7, 2020 Information Only
Consolidating Polling Places and Use of WisVote - COVID-19 Timely Attention Required
Absentee Ballot Return Options - COVID-19 Timely Attention Required
Absentee Ballot Processing - COVID-19 Timely Attention Required
Election Day Procedures Q & A Sessions COVID-19 High Priority
Absentee Witness Signature Requirement Guidance COVID-19 High Priority
Guidance for Indefinitely Confined Electors COVID-19 High Priority
Public Health Guidance for Elections - COVID-19 High Priority
Election Official Training Resources COVID-19 Timely Attention Required
Sample News Release for Municipal Clerks Moving Polling Places Due to COVID-19 Timely Attention Required
Emergency Order #12 Does Not Eliminate In-Person Absentee Voting - COVID-19 High Priority
Type A Notice of Partisan Primary and General Election Timely Attention Required
Sample Type B Notice for Special 7th Congressional District Election Timely Attention Required
CD7 Special Election Military and Overseas Absentee Deadline: March 26, 2020 High Priority
COVID-19 FAQs and Updates:  Online Voter Registration, Absentee Voting, Envelopes, Sanitizer and Poll Worker Recruitment High Priority
FAQ: Hand Sanitizer Issues and Options for COVID-19 High Priority
URGENT – Federal Court Decision Orders Continuation of Online Registration Through March 30, 2020 - COVID-19 High Priority
Sample News Release for Poll Worker Recruitment - COVID-19 High Priority
Critical Cleaning & Sanitation Supplies – Information Needed COVID-19 High Priority
Poll Workers – Information Needed - COVID-19 High Priority
Absentee Envelope Order Status and Delivery Details COVID-19 High Priority
Legislative Update – Filling Vacancies and Election Certificates Information Only
Nomination Paper Review Standards Information Only