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Members of the former Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

The G.A.B. was comprised of six nonpartisan former judges appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate. These are the judges who served on the Board between 2008 and 2016.

Name Hometown Judicial Service
Judge Thomas Barland
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Eau Claire

Eau Claire County Circuit Court, 1967-2000

Judge Michael Brennan
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Clark County Circuit Court, 1971-2001

Judge Thomas Cane
tcane's picture

Wisconsin Court of Appeals, 1981-2007

Outagamie County Circuit Court, 1972-1981

Judge David G. Deininger
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Wisconsin Court of Appeals, 1996-2007

Green County Circuit Court, 1994-1996

Judge William Eich
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Wisconsin Court of Appeals, 1985-2000

Dane County Circuit Court, 1975-1985

Judge John Franke
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Milwaukee County Circuit Court, 1987 to 2008

Judge Harold V. Froehlich
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Outagamie County Circuit Court,1981 to 2011

Judge Elsa Lamelas
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Milwaukee County Circuit Court, 1993 to 2012

Judge Edward E. Leineweber
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Lone Rock

Richland County Circuit Court, 1997 to 2011

Judge Victor Manian
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Milwaukee County Circuit Court, 1972-2004

Judge James B. Mohr
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Eagle River

Vilas County Circuit Court, 1983-2003

Judge Gordon Myse
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Wisconsin Court of Appeals    1986-1999
Outagamie County Circuit Court 1972-1983

Judge Gerald C. Nichol
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Dane County Circuit Court, 1988-2004.

Judge Timothy Vocke
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Vilas County Circuit Court Judge, 1979 - 1983