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Wisconsin Elections Commission Forms - Candidates

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Form Number Form Name Revision Date Link
CF-1 Campaign Registration Statement 2018/01
EL-162 Declaration of Candidacy 2018/04
EL-162sd Declaration of Candidacy - School District Candidates 2018/04
EL-163 Notification of Noncandidacy 2009/04
EL-166 Nomination Paper for Independent Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor 2016/03
EL-167 Nomination Paper for Independent Candidates for Pres. and Vice Pres. 2014/04
EL-167 Nomination Paper-Independent Presidential/Vice Presidential Candidates 2014/04
EL-167wr List of Electors for Presidential and Vice Presidential Write-in Candidates 2018/04
EL-168 Nomination Paper for Partisan Office 2016/03
EL-169 Nomination Paper for Nonpartisan Office 2016/07
EL-171 Petition for Ballot Status 2015/12
ELIS-1 Ballot Access Checklist - 2019 Judicial Candidates 2018/09
ELIS-3 Ballot Access Checklist - 2019 County Non-Partisan Candidates 2018/09
ELIS-5 Ballot Access Checklist - 2019 School District Candidates 2018/09
ELIS-6 Ballot Access Checklist - 2019 Municipal Candidates (Caucus) 2018/09
ELIS-7 Ballot Access Checklist - 2019 Municipal Candidates (Nomination Papers) 2018/09
ELIS-9 Ballot Access Checklist - 2018 Statewide Constitutional and Legislative Candidates 2017/11
ELIS-14 Ballot Access Checklist - 2018 Federal Candidates 2017-06
ELIS-15 Ballot Access Checklist - Independent Candidates for President and Vice President 2016/09
ELIS-16 Ballot Access Checklist - 2018 County Partisan Candidates 2017-04
ELIS-18 Ballot Access Checklist - 2019 Multi-Jurisdictional Municipal Judge Candidates 2018/09
GABIS-12 Ballot Access Checklist - District Attorney Candidates 2015-06