Candidates on the Fall 2010 Election Ballot

This report is the final list of all the candidates approved by the Government Accountability Board for the September 14, 2010, Primary Election.  It will be updated for the November 2, 2010, General Election by September 27.

Independent candidates for U.S. Representative and U.S. Senator do not appear on this list because there is no primary in their races.  Their names will appear on the November 2 general election ballot.

The list reflects Board action on July 21 and 22 with respect to challenges to ballot access.

The list is in two formats:  Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.  There are two spreadsheets, one without and one with the state candidates' campaign telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.  The phone numbers and e-mail addresses come from our Campaign Finance Information System, and may be for a campaign treasurer or other official.  Not all candidates have supplied e-mail addresses.