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2011 Assembly District 48 Special Election

Governor Scott Walker on May 24 issued Executive Order # 31 for a Special Election to fill the vacancy in Assembly District 48.  The election was held August 9, 2011, with the primary held July 12, 2011.

Official results of the primary and the special election have been certified.

All Candidates Registered by Office Assembly 48 (Updated as of 3pm on 06-16-2011).pdf42.5 KB
Candidates on the Ballot July 12, 2011 -- 48th Assm Special Election.pdf35.43 KB
Nomination Paper tracking for Assembly 48 Special 08-09-2011.pdf61.74 KB
Nomination Paper Supplemental Assembly 48 118 061711.pdf53.05 KB
Executive Order #31.pdf251.66 KB
Campaign Finance Deadlines Assm 48.doc28 KB
County Results Assm 48 Special Primary.pdf29.2 KB
Results Summary Assm 48 Special Primary.pdf5.97 KB
Ward Results Assm 48 Special Primary.xls24.28 KB
Ward Results Assm 48 Special Primry.pdf7.69 KB
AD 48 Canvass Results.pdf4.98 KB
AD 48 Canvass Summary.pdf26.27 KB
AD 48 Canvass Detail.pdf3.36 KB
Ward Results_Special Election_Assembly 48.xls14.5 KB