2010 Fall General Election Results -- Ward-by-Ward


These are the certified, official results of the 2010 Fall General Election, reported ward-by-ward.

Ward-by-ward results for all races are presented in three formats: Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with tabs, MS Excel 2007 spreadsheet without tabs, and Comma-Separated Values (CSV). 

  • For the tabbed Excel spredsheet, each race is listed on a separate workbook tab.  (See illustration at right.)  Use the "Document Map" on the first workbook tab to navigate to the individual race you would like to see. 
  • The untabbed Excel spreadsheet is one large table, and will only open in MS Excel 2007 and later versions because of the large number of rows.  It is  16mb, and has been zipped for faster downloading.
  • The CSV file is a single table, suitable for importing into MS Access, MySQL or other database.  It is 13mb, and has been zipped for faster downloading.