2012 Recall State Senate District 21 Recount Information

State Senate D-21 Election and Recount Results

Candidate Unofficial Recount (certified)
Van H. Wanggaard 35,517  35,539
John Lehman 36,351  36,358
Scattering (write-ins) 56  58

Based on a petition from Van H. Wanggaard, the Government Accountability Board has ordered a recount in the District 21 State Senate Recall Election, which was held June 5, 2012.

The recount began Wednesday, June 20, and was conducted by the Racine County Board of Canvassers. The recount concluded Monday, July 2. Sen. Wanggaard's campaign had until close of business on Tuesday, July 10, to file a challenge in court. No challenge was filed, and the G.A.B. certified the results July 11, 2012.

See the attachment "Totals Recount 06-2012 through Day 11.xls" below for the final recount details.

For questions about how recounts are conducted, please consult the Recount Manual and the Recount Plan  document attached below. Also, consult the Recount Questions and Answers section.

The recount process was open to the public.

Each day during the recount the G.A.B. posted a spreadsheet update from the previous day's results, as provided by Racine County.

Also attached below are the recount order, a ward-by-ward tabulation of the unofficial results, and other relevant documents.