About the Recall Webcam

Note: The recall webcam is now offline.

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The G.A.B.'s recall webcam was online from January 17 to March 22, 2012 for the public to watch our staff process more than 309,000 petition pages filed on January 17. 

The workers at the site are a combination of G.A.B. staff and temporary staff hired for this project. 

The camera was fixed in one position and is not controlled remotely or otherwise adjusted during the course of the day. The audio is turned off.

Here is what the workers were doing:

  • Each petition page is being reviewed by two separate reviewers to ensure each signature complies with legal requirements.  The petitions are in packages of 50 pages.  These packages must be checked out and checked in each time they are reviewed.  The results of these reviews will be tracked in a database.  Additional checks (duplicates for example) will also be completed later in the process.   
  • Click here for the instructions workers use to conduct the G.A.B.'s facial review of the petitions.



This is a panoramic view of the Recall Center, which shows a wider angle of the room than the webcam.