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2011 State Senate Recall Committees

About the 2011 State Senate Recalls

In early 2011, several committees registered to begin recall petitions against members of the Wisconsin State Senate.

This page contains historical information about those committees and the Government Accountability Board's official actions on recall-related matters.

For recall election results, please click here.

2011 Senate Recall Committees

For more information about each recall committee, including copies of petitions and challenges, please click on its name.    For committees that expired, click the link below.

District Officeholder Committee Name Date Petitions Filed Signatures Required Valid Number of Signatures
02 Robert Cowles Committee to Recall Cowles April 28, 2011 15,960 23,959
08 Alberta Darling Committee to Recall Darling April 21, 2011 20,343 22,243
10 Sheila Harsdorf Committee to Recall Harsdorf April 19, 2011 15,744 23,685
12 Jim Holperin Jim Holperin Recall Committee April 21, 2011 15,960 19,255
14 Luther Olsen Committee to Recall Olsen April 18, 2011 14,733 22,207
18 Randy Hopper Committee to Recall Hopper April 7, 2011 15,269 22,953
22 Robert Wirch Taxpayers to Recall Robert Wirch April 21, 2011 13,537 17,138
30 Dave Hansen Recall Dave Hansen April 21, 2011 13,852 15,540
32 Dan Kapanke Committee to Recall Kapanke April 1, 2011 15,588 21,776

2011 Recall Election Status Updates

G.A.B. Receives Review Period Extension

The Board has received an extension of time to review the recall petitions filed between April 1 and April 21.  Click here for more information.

G.A.B. Acts on Three Recall Petitions

On Monday, May 23, the Board considered recall petitions filed against Senators Kapanke, Hopper and Olsen.

For each petition, the Board voted to: