Badger Book Overview

In 2017, Wisconsin Elections Commission staff developed an electronic poll book system to be used in polling places in Wisconsin on Election Day. The "Badger Book" is electronic poll book software that is specific to Wisconsin elections practices and statutes. The Badger Book is the only electronic poll book software created with direct WisVote integration. Badger Books within each polling place connect securely to each other, but do not connect to the internet or any other network outside the polling place.

The Badger Book is primarily used to check in voters, process absentee ballots, and register a voters on Election Day. The Badger Book maintains the voter number and count independent of poll worker input. Each process was chosen and designed based on feedback provided by clerks and poll workers from across the state. After Election Day, a data file generated from the Badger Book is used to upload election participation and Election Day Registration information into WisVote.

The Badger Book is currently supported on the HP ElitePOS 141 Point of Sale retail terminal. One Badger Book station includes the main terminal computer with a touch screen for electronic signature capture, a wireless mouse, a wireless keyboard, a barcode scanner, a case of thermal printer paper, and a printer that can either be integrated into the terminal base column or as a stand-alone printer. Additionally, a router and an encrypted, password-protected USB memory stick must be purchased for each polling place. The router facilitates secure communication locally between the Badger Book machines. The USB stick is used to transfer data from an internet-connected computer to the Badger Book server machine.