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Spring 2019 Election

Spring Primary: February 19, 2019
Spring Election: April 2, 2019

Offices to be Elected

Nonpartisan state offices elected in 2019 are Supreme Court Justice, Court of Appeals Judge, Districts II, III and IV, and Circuit Court Judge. See Offices to be Elected attachment below for a list of offices and current officeholders.

The deadline for candidates to file nomination papers and other ballot access documents is 5 p.m. Wednesday, January 2, 2019.  Learn more about how to run for state and local offices.

Note: If you click on one of the attached reports below and get a "broken link" message, please refresh the page in your browser. Each time a new report is uploaded, the old one is deleted and a new link is created.

Candidates Tracking By Office-Ethics Statements due 1.7.19 (FINAL).pdf18.58 KB
Candidates Tracking By Office (as of 5 pm deadline on 1.2.19).pdf18.5 KB
Nomination Paper Tracking (as of 5 pm deadline on 1.2.2019).pdf17.92 KB
Supplemental Nomination Papers (as of 5 pm deadline on 1.2.2019).pdf12.75 KB
Notification of Noncandidacy List-Spring 2019 (FINAL as of 5pm 12.21.18).pdf16.49 KB
Offices to be Elected in Spring 2019 Spring (as of 01.07.19).pdf22.92 KB