What offices are up for election? Who's running? Who's on the ballot?  Visit this section for information about elections past and present.

Election Results

Who won or lost? Visit this section for vote totals, broken down statewide, by county and by ward.

Election Statistics

What was voter turnout? How many people are registered to vote? Visit this section for statistics about the electorate, polling places and election costs.

Election Day Registration Information

Learn about Wisconsin's Election Day Restration system and the state's exemption from the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

Become a Poll Worker

Learn about serving your community by working at the polls on Election Day.

Voting Equipment

The Elections Commission approves voting equipment used in Wisconsin. Visit this section to learn more about what systems have been approved, as well as the approval process.

Election Complaints

The Elections Commission works with local law enforcement, county District Attorneys and the Attorney General to enforce Wisconsin's election laws. Visit this section to learn more about filing a complaint about a possible violation of the law.

Recall Elections

Information about recall elections in Wisconsin, including links to the Recall Manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQ section for easy-to-find answers.

Legal Resources

Links to the state laws, administrative rules, manuals and guidelines.