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New GAB-190 Fillable Forms Available High Priority
Large Public Records Request for Election Records High Priority
Photo ID Litigation – Court Order Requiring Implementation of Affidavit Option in Lieu of Photo ID High Priority
March 2, 2018 Special Commission Meeting Proposed Voter List Change for Spring Election High Priority
Important Ballot Deadlines for UOCAVA voters High Priority
Announcement of $1.9 million Grant to Create an Online Absentee Balloting System for Military and Overseas Voters High Priority
Friendly Reminder: All Military and Overseas Electors must be sent an Official Ballot no later than Friday, October 1, 2010 High Priority
2019 Movers Mailing Update and WisVote Instructions High Priority
Unofficial List of Candidates and Ballot Formatting for June 5, 2012 Recall Election High Priority
Electronic Proof of Residence Information High Priority
2010 Partisan Primary Election SVRS Election Checklist I High Priority
Statewide Supreme Court Primary Notice / Military Absentee Ballots Must Be Sent High Priority
Procedures for Canvassing Late-Arriving Absentee and Provisional Ballots -- Election Day Provisional Ballot Procedures. High Priority
WisVote Checklist I for the 2018 Spring Election High Priority
Urgent Windows 10 Update  High Priority
SVRS Address Span Report Instructions High Priority
Newly Revised GAB-190 Posted on the Election’s Division Website High Priority
November 2010 Pronunciation Guide is Available High Priority
UPDATE #2: Status of the Statewide Supreme Court Race Recount Process High Priority
Revision to Endorsement Section of Optical Scan Ballots High Priority
NEW Checklist I is now available for the November 2010 General Election High Priority
Primary and Election Certifications High Priority
WisVote Live Update #1 High Priority
Statewide Recount for President of the United States Update #4 High Priority
Type C Notice of Referendum for April 3, 2018 High Priority
Municipal Clerks Training Report Posted (2011-2012 term) - updated January 18, 2013! High Priority
New “Click and Mail” Voter Registration Available August 6, 2012 High Priority
SVRS Release 8.5 and Temporary SVRS Outage High Priority
Survey: Elections Division’s Extended Hours for Providing Election Assistance High Priority
New Version of SVRS High Priority
Photo ID/Sign-In Log not required for Recount Observers High Priority
Amended Type A Notice of Recall Election for the Offices of Governor, Lt. Governor and Several State Senate Offices High Priority
Checklist III for the August Partisan Primary Has Been Posted High Priority
The State has set up the 2010 Spring Primary in SVRS High Priority
Voter Registration Application Revised (2013 Act 182 Guidance) High Priority
Military and Permanent Overseas Absentee Deadlines For November 8 High Priority
Warning Regarding Issuing Recall Election Ballots Prematurely High Priority
Certification of Candidates for April 2, 2013 Spring Election High Priority
New video and traning manual chapters available for SVRS and Absentee Lite High Priority
SVRS Checklist #1 for April 3, 2012 Presidential Preference and Spring Election High Priority
Statewide Recount Update #5: Recount Progress, Finalization Checklist and Reimbursement Request Form High Priority
The February 16, 2010, Spring Primary | G.A.B.’s Extended Operating Hours High Priority
UPDATE #4: Status of the Statewide Supreme Court Race Recount Process High Priority
Certification of Ballot Placement for August 12, 2014 Partisan Primary and Other Information High Priority
Protect Yourself Against Ransomware Cyber Security Threats High Priority
Recall Primary Certification and Ballot Readiness High Priority
Survey for Clerks about Communications and Elections High Priority
Public Record Requests for Election Related Materials High Priority
Recall Elections scheduled for May 8th Primary and June 5th General Election High Priority
Please Wait to Print Poll Books High Priority