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Date Title Priority
WEC Approves Election Systems and Software EVS and EVS Electronic Voting Systems Information Only
WisVote and Election Administration Training webinar series schedules (September 2019 – May 2020) Information Only
Four-Year Maintenance Deadline Approaching Timely Attention Required
EL-362 WisVote Clerk Contact Information Update Form Timely Attention Required
Third-Party Voter Registration Mailing: Voter Participation Center Timely Attention Required
Phishing Email Alert Timely Attention Required
2019 Four-Year Voter Record Maintenance Timely Attention Required
Badger Book Purchasing and Borrowing Processes – 2020 Elections Timely Attention Required
WEC Administrator Confirmation  Information Only
Revisions to the Wisconsin Voter Registration Application (EL-131) Timely Attention Required
Staffing Change - Bill Wirkus Departure Information Only
WisVote Mid-Year Round-Up Webinar Information Only
Four-Year Maintenance Mailing: WisVote Preparation Checklist Timely Attention Required
WisVote Updates – 2019 Sprint 3 Information Only
Updated -- WisVote Training webinar series schedule (January 2019 – May 2019) Information Only
Sarah Whitt Moving to ERIC Information Only
WEC Extended Hours in Support of the Assembly District 64 Special Election on April 30, 2019 Information Only
WisVote Absentee: Coming Attractions Webinar April 30 Information Only
Canvass Deadlines and Recount News Information Only
WisVote Election Statistics Webinar: Finding the Proper Balance  Information Only
Post-Election Reminders - Canvass Procedures and Potential Recount Timely Attention Required
Circuit Court Ruling in League of Women Voters v. Knudson Timely Attention Required
WEC Extended Hours in Support of the Spring Election on April 2, 2019 Information Only
Election Night Posting Requirements for Central Count Municipalities Information Only
WisVote Post Election Webinar: Heading for the Finish Line  Information Only
WisVote Checklist II for the 2019 Spring Election Timely Attention Required
WisVote Updates – 2019 Sprint 2 Information Only
*Rescheduled* WisVote Post-Election: Heading for the Finish Line Timely Attention Required
Preparing for the April Election webinar Timely Attention Required
UPDATE: Advisory Committees: Volunteers STILL Needed Timely Attention Required
WisVote Checklist I for the 2019 Spring Election Scheduled Tasks
Election Day Procedures Webinar Feb. 27 Timely Attention Required
MyVote and You Webinar Information - February 26, 2019 Information Only
Elections Commission Receives EAC Clearie Award Information Only
Pronunciation Guide for April 2, 2019 Spring Election Timely Attention Required
WEC Extended Hours in Support of the Spring Primary on February 19, 2019 Information Only
WisVote Updates – 2019 Sprint 1 Information Only
WisVote Checklist II for the 2019 Spring Primary Election Timely Attention Required
Cyber Security Advisory: Phishing Threat Timely Attention Required
Wisconsin Elections Commission office closed to the public Wednesday, January 30 High Priority
Badger Book Borrowing Program Selection Notification  Information Only
New Election Training Website Address Timely Attention Required
Elections Commission Website Changes Timely Attention Required
Update - No Constitutional Amendment Information Only
Election Night & Post-Election Procedures Webinar January 23 Information Only
ERIC: Movers and Shakers Webinar Information - January 22, 2019 Information Only
Federal Court Ruling in One Wisconsin Institute Case – In-Person Absentee Voting Hours Permitted After Ballots Printed High Priority
2019 Election Preparation WisVote Webinar January 15 Information Only
2019 Spring Primary Issues Q & A Timely Attention Required
Certification of Nomination of Candidates for April 2, 2019 Spring Election and Feb. 19, 2019 Ozaukee County Primary Timely Attention Required