9. Doors that do not have lever door handles or an electronic feature such as an automatic opener, power-assist, or bell/buzzer.


All polling place doors that a voter with a disability would have to open must have hardware, such as a lever or bar, which is usable with one hand without tight grasping, pinching or twisting of the wrist (figure 1). A municipality can also choose to install an electronic accessible feature, such as an automatic opener or wireless doorbell, to ensure that voters can access the facility and voting area without assistance.

(figure 1)

Best Practices

Accessible door hardware or an electronic accessible feature should be present on all doors from the accessible entrance to any doors on the path of travel from that entrance to the voting area. Doors along the interior route to the voting area can be propped open on Election Day. This practice would eliminate the need for accessible door hardware or an electronic accessible feature.

The door hardware pictured below meet the standards for accessibility (figures 2 and 3). Both types of hardware are usable with one hand without having to grab and twist the hardware to open the door.


(figure 2)                                                                                                    (figure 3)

These two photos show two different electronic accessible features with the entrance on the left (figure 4) utilizing a wireless doorbell or buzzer and the door on the right (figure 5) having an automatic opener present.

If no accessible hardware or electronic feature is present, a greeter can be stationed at the door to ensure that voters who require assistance can gain entrance to the polling place and voting area.


(figure 4)                                                                                                    (figure 5)

Common Problems

The door hardware picture below does not meet accessibility standards. The doorknob in the below right photo (figure 7) requires a grasping and twisting motion to use and the hardware on the left (figure 6) cannot be opened with one hand without tight grasping. Inaccessible hardware should be replaced or an electronic accessible feature could be installed to fix the problem. If these changes are not possible, a greeter can be stationed at the door to assist voters with entering the polling place.


(figure 6)                                                                                                                           (figure 7)

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