4. Accessible entrances to the building that require more than 8 lbs. of force to open.


All doors at accessible entrances must be able to be opened with a closed fist using 8 pounds of force or less.  In addition, all doors along the interior route of a polling place from the accessible entrance to the voting area need to meet the same standard.  Meeting this standard allows all voters to gain access to the facility and voting area without assistance. 

Best Practices

All doors at the accessible entrance and along the interior route should be tested to see if they meet ADA standards.  This can be done using a door pressure gauge like the one pictured below (figure 1).  Doors that require too much pressure to open should be adjusted accordingly.  

                                                               (figure 1)

Any interior doors along the interior route to the voting area should be propped open on Election Day to remove a potential barrier for accessing the voting area.  

Heavy exterior doors can be fixed by installing an electronic accessible feature such as an automatic opener or doorbell to assist voters.  A greeter can also be stationed by the accessible entrance to ensure that all voters have access to the facility.


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