3. Insufficient signage for accessible entrances.


The accessible entrance of the polling place must be marked with the universal symbol of accessibility.  This allows voters with mobility issues to easily identify the accessible entrance.  It also lessens the possibility that a voter with a disability will enter a facility at an entry point that does not afford them access to the voting area or to an elevator or wheelchair lift that they would need to use to travel to the voting area.   

Best Practices

Accessible entrances can be identified using a window decal or sign like the examples found below (figures 1 and 2).  If a municipality does not own the facility where a polling place is located, a reusable or temporary sign can be displayed for Election Day.


                 (figure 1)                                                                       (figure 2)


Common Problems

Entrances that are not properly identified can be problematic for voters, especially at facilities that have multiple entrances and voting areas that are not located directly inside of the accessible entrance.  The below photos depict doors that are not properly marked as the accessible entrance (figure 3) and an unmarked entrance that, upon entry, requires a voter to navigate stairs (figure 4).

           (figure 3)                                                                                                                (figure 4)

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