10. Pathways to the accessible entrance that were not clearly marked.


The pathway from the accessible parking area/spaces to the accessible entrance should be marked with signs clearly directing voters to the correct entrance. This practice is especially important at facilities where the accessible entrance is not the same as the main entrance. Voters with mobility issues should not be burdened by entering the polling place at a point that does not provide them barrier-free access to the voting area (i.e. there should be no stairs or inaccessible doors along the route). Voters with disabilities should also not have to search for the correct entrance to a polling place.

                                                      (figure 1) 

Best Practices

Both of the facilities pictured below have entrance ramps that provide access to the facility with signage posted directing voters to the accessible entrance (figures 2 and 3). These signs are posted high enough to be clearly visible from the parking area.


(figure 2)                                                                             (figure 3)

In the below left photo, the accessible entrance is identified by a sign posted in the accessible parking area, providing voters with clear entrance information in a visible location (figure 4). The facility pictured on the bottom right has a sign present at the base of the stairs providing information on the location of the accessible entrance (figure 5).


(figure 4)                                                                                                    (figure 5)

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