1. Required election notices are not always posted or not printed in 18-point type size


Current Wisconsin law requires notices, instructions, sample ballots and ward maps to be posted in each polling place.  The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that all of these postings be printed in at least 18-point type so that voters with vision impairments will have increased access to these resources.

All of the required notices and instructions are posted on the G.A.B. website in the required type size and can be downloaded and printed for polling place use.  In addition, two sample copies of each ballot type should be posted in the voting area.  Ward maps and street directories clearly indicating all the wards in the municipality served by that polling place must also be prominently displayed.

Best Practices

Required forms, notices and ward maps can be printed in the required type and mounted in an orderly fashion on cardboard for display (figure 1).  After each election, the display can be stored for continued use.  This practice ensures that required election materials are present for each election.  A corkboard can also be used for this same purpose (figure 2).

                                              (figure 1)

Please note that certain notices, such as the Type D Notice, need to be customized for each election and some forms, such as the GAB-112 Notice of Crossover Voting at a Partisan Primary, are only applicable to certain elections.

                                              (figure 2)


Sample notices:  http://gab.wi.gov/publications/election-notices
Forms:  http://gab.wi.gov/forms/election-administration

A full list of the required postings can be found on pages 28 and 29 of the Election Day Manual with a polling place checklist available on page 32.  (http://gab.wi.gov/clerk/education-training/election-day-manual).

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