Polling Place Set-up

Polling places should be organized so that all voters can be processed efficiently and voters with disabilities can navigate the voting area and participate in the electoral process without assistance. The Polling Place Set-Up guide provides an overview of the accessibility standards that every polling place must meet.

It is important to note that polling place accessibility begins in the parking area and applies to any pathway or obstacle that a voter with a disability would have to navigate to gain access to the voting area. The voting area should be configured to allow passage throughout the space for a voter in a wheelchair and accessible voting booths and machines should both meet ADA standards and be positioned to ensure voter privacy.

Municipal clerks should use this guide to train their election inspectors before an election cycle on the guidelines for proper polling place organization. If an accessibility-related problem is identified on Election Day, the Quick Fix Guide can be used to create a sufficient temporary solution until the issue can be resolved permanently.