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Clerk-Trainer Program

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The Government Accountability Board supports the concepts of education, training and technical support being delivered in a timely manner, as close as possible to the home-bases of Wisconsin’s elections officials. To further this goal, Board staff has trained experienced county and municipal clerks to conduct Baseline Chief Inspector training and Municipal Clerk Core training.  Their names and contact information are listed in the attachments below.

Certified clerk-trainers will be adding Baseline Chief Inspector training and Municipal Clerk Core training classes on an on-going basis.  Clerks should periodically check the website for new classes. Please read the "Notes" section on the registration form to determine who may register and attend a particular training class.  You are also welcome to contact a clerk-trainer and inquire about future training opportunites.   

Clerk-trainers may be in a position to travel to your county or municipality based on their training range.  Reimbursement for expenses incurred and requested by clerk-trainers who travel to venues outside of their home-base will be the responsibility of the hosting county or municipality. 


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WEC Certified Clerk-Trainer Refresher Training Materials.pdf2.37 MB