Chief Election Inspectors

Baseline Chief Inspector Training Online

New chief inspectors must take this course before they are certified to conduct elections.

Election Officials' Training Table

This chart outlines the training required for new or recertified chief and regular election inspectors.


After taking Baseline training, chief inspectors are required to take additional election training each term to recertify for the next term.

Tracking Chief Inspector Training

A sample tracker for municipal clerks to use to track the training their election workers have received.

Election Day Manual

The manual outlines the Election Day duties of chief and regular election inspectors.

Video: "Access to Voting, Access to Democracy"

A visual demonstration of what to do and what not to do to ensure accessibility at the polling place.

2009 Polling Place Accessibility “Quick-Fix Guide”

This document provides guidance to assist you in improving your polling place accessibility.

Chief Inspector Self-Evaluation Video

The results of the self-evaluation do not affect the chief inspector’s appointment or qualifications to serve.