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GAB April 2016 Meeting

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04/26/2016 - 9:00am - 5:00pm
State Capitol, Joint Committee on Finance Room (412 East), Madison, Wis.

Regular meeting of the G.A.B.

Meeting Notice/Agenda and Meeting Materials are attached at the bottom of this page.


A.    Call to Order

B.    Director’s Report of Appropriate Meeting Notice

C.    Minutes of Previous Meeting

1.    March 1, 2016   

D.    Personal Appearances

E.    Campaign Finance Opinion and Administrative Rule Review   

F.    2015 Wisconsin Act 261 Implementation Issues   

1.  Voting Equipment Override Functions   
2.  Absentee Ballot Data Subscription Service Fee Schedule   
3.  Election Night Results Posting Requirement
4.  Online Voter Registration Electronic Signature   

G.    Treatment of Campaign Finance Issues and Violations by Local Committees

H.    Ethics Division Guideline Update   

I.    Campaign Finance Settlement Offer Schedule   

J.    Election Administration - WisVote Report   

K.    Administrative Rules   

1.    Authorize  Drafting Scope Statement for Rule on Absentee Ballot Tracking Subscription Service
2.    Authorize  Drafting Scope Statements for Division of G.A.B. Rules Between Elections and Ethics Commissions

L.    Request for Approval of IT Related Contracts   

M.    Agency Transition Report   

N.    Legislative Status Report   

O.    Per Diem Authorization   

P.    Director’s Report

1.    Ethics Division Report – campaign finance, ethics, and lobbying administration
2.    Elections Division Report – election administration   
3.    Office of Director and General Counsel Report – general administration

Q.    Closed Session

5.05 (6a) and 19.85 (1) (h)    The Board’s deliberations on requests for advice under the ethics code, lobbying law, and campaign finance law shall be in closed session.
19.85 (1) (g)    The Board may confer with legal counsel concerning litigation strategy.
19.851    The Board’s deliberations concerning investigations of any violation of the ethics code, lobbying law, and campaign finance law shall be in closed session.
19.85 (1) (c)    The Board may consider performance evaluation data of a public employee over which it exercises responsibility.

The Government Accountability Board has scheduled its next and final meeting for Friday, June 10, 2016.  The meeting will be held at the State Capitol to accommodate participation by parties affected by ballot access decisions of the G.A.B.


04.26.16 GAB Open Meeting Notice.pdf19.21 KB
04.26.16 GAB Complete Open Session Materials.pdf2.37 MB