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GAB June 2014 Meeting

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06/10/2014 - 9:00am - 4:00pm
Room 412 East, State Capitol, Madison, WI

This is a regular meeting of the Government Accountability Board.  The main agenda items are ballot access issues for the Fall 2014 General Election.

See standard meeting materials attached below. 

Challenges and replies are being posted as attachments below as they become available.  Staff recommendations for the Board will be posted Tuesday morning prior to the meeting.


A.    Call to Order   

B.    Director’s Report of Appropriate Meeting Notice

C.    Minutes of May 21, 2014 Meeting

D.    Ballot Access Challenges and Issues

  1. Staff Presentation on Challenge or Ballot Access Issue
  2. Challenger Presentation
  3. Candidate Response
  4. Board Action

E.    Certification of Candidates for the Partisan Primary Election

F.    Personal Appearances for General Public Comment

G.    Administrative Rules

  1. Proposed Changes to GAB Chapter 4, Election Observers

H.    Proposed Guidance on Lobbyists Furnishing 

I.    Closed Session

  • 5.05 (6a) and 19.85 (1) (h)    The Board’s deliberations on requests for advice under the ethics code, lobbying law, and campaign finance law shall be in closed session.
  • 19.85 (1) (g)    The Board may confer with legal counsel concerning litigation strategy.
  • 19.851    The Board’s deliberations concerning investigations of any violation of the ethics code, lobbying law, and campaign finance law shall be in closed session.
  • 19.85 (1) (c)    The Board may consider performance evaluation data of a public employee over which it exercises responsibility. 
06.10.14 Open-Closed Meeting Notice.pdf16.81 KB
06-10-2014 Open Session Minutes SIGNED.pdf691.69 KB
6-10-14_Open Session Materials with Agenda FINAL.pdf1.8 MB
Combined_Ballot_Access_Memo.pdf796.6 KB
Board_Memo_Final_2014_Ballot_Access_Challenges.pdf4.13 MB
-- Board_Memo_Final_2014_Ballot_Access_Challenges_Attachments.pdf1.3 MB
Challenge Log 2014 amended.pdf14.26 KB
EL 14-03 Gary Kauther 5.06 Compliance Review Appeal.pdf1.92 MB
EL 14-04 Kessler v. Dombrow Complaint AD 12.pdf4.74 MB
EL 14-05 Gratz v Goodwin Challenge AD 12 .pdf177.82 KB
-- EL 14-05 Goodwin Response.pdf136.7 KB
EL 14-06 Gratz v Gulasky Challenge AD 42.pdf2.41 MB
EL 14-07 Craig Krueger 5.06 Compliance Review Appeal.pdf28.31 KB
EL 14-08 Perkins 5.06 Compliance Review Gov.pdf454.31 KB
EL 14-09 Toftness v. Krueger Challenge AD 3.pdf1.48 MB
EL 14-10 Fadness v Thompkins Challenge SD 21.pdf10.74 MB
-- EL 14-10 Thompkins Response.pdf90.37 KB
EL 14-11 Toftness v. Barnes Challenge AD11.pdf10.05 MB
-- EL 14-11 Barnes Response.pdf1007.79 KB
EL 14-12 Nation v Johann Complaint AD 10.pdf2.24 MB
-- EL 14-12 Johann Response.pdf319.6 KB
EL 14-13 Gratz v Bernier Challenge AD 68.pdf4.29 MB
-- EL 14-13 Bernier Response.pdf232.85 KB
EL 14-14 Cochran v George Challenge CD 4.pdf913.86 KB
-- EL 14-14 George Response.pdf97.61 KB
EL 14-15 Fadness v. Ryan Challenge CD 1.pdf27.1 MB
-- EL 14-15 Ryan Response.pdf414.31 KB
EL 14-16 Macken v. Lasee Challenge SD 1.pdf1.43 MB
-- EL 14-16 Lasee Response and Affidavit.pdf2.28 MB
EL 14-17 Gratz v Weix Challenge AD92.pdf125.11 KB
-- EL 14-17 Weix Response.pdf391.24 KB
EL 14-18 Gratz v LaForest Challenge AD 47.pdf2.5 MB
EL 14-19 Basford v Hulsey Gov.pdf8.82 MB
-- EL 14-19 Hulsey Response.pdf143.88 KB
EL 14-20 Sortwell v Wimberger Challenge AD 90.pdf9.66 MB
-- EL- 14-20 Wimberger Response.pdf12.06 MB
EL 14-21 Gratz v Espeseth Challenge AD 7.pdf1.03 MB
-- EL 14-21 Espeseth Response.pdf11.63 MB
EL 14-22 Manriquez v Zamarripa Challenge AD 8.pdf100.23 KB
-- EL 14-22 Zamarripa Response.pdf214.59 KB