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GAB June 2012 Meeting

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06/08/2012 - 9:00am - 4:30pm
State Capitol, Room 412 E, Madison, Wisconsin

This is a regular meeting of the Board, originally scheduled for June 12.

This is the "ballot access" meeting, at which the Government Accountability Board will hear challenges to candidates' nomination papers and decide whether to grant or deny a place on the ballot to those candidates whose nomination papers have been challenged.

In addition to the meeting agenda and supporting Board materials, all the challenges themselves are posted below, as well as the candidates' answers and the two staff memos regarding the challenges.

Some challenges which contain many pages have been split into more than one file.

This meeting is scheduled to be carried live on WisconsinEye.

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6.8.12 Open Session Agenda.pdf37.34 KB
Open Session Agenda and Board Materials 06-08-12.pdf1.85 MB
Board Memo 2012 Ballot Access Challenges final.pdf143.73 KB
Ballot Access Memo for 2012 General Election final.pdf85.23 KB
Nomination Paper Challenge List.pdf156.93 KB
EL12-12 Hall, Complainant Kessler.pdf379.69 KB
-- EL12-12 Hall Response.pdf53.66 KB
EL12-13, David VanderLeest, Complainant Joel Diny.pdf4.97 MB
-- EL12-13 VanderLeest Response.pdf426.36 KB
EL12-14 Guzeman, Complaint by Zepnick.pdf566.82 KB
EL 12-15 David King, Complainant Lena Taylor.pdf331.71 KB
EL 12-16 Nancy Vandermeer, Complainant Joel Gratz.pdf231 KB
-- EL 12-16 VanderMeer Response.pdf138.04 KB
EL 12-17 Tom Lamberston, Complainant Joel Gratz.pdf165.7 KB
EL 12-18 Barry Nelson, Complainant Jason Diederichs.pdf55.08 KB
-- EL 12-18 Barry Nelson Response.pdf151.47 KB
EL 12-19 Mike Howe, Complainant Jason Diederichs.pdf139.99 KB
EL 12-20 Amanda Mary-Mariah Hall, Complainant Robert Kahl.pdf1.19 MB
-- EL 12-20 Amanda Mary Myriah Hall Response.pdf912.22 KB
EL12-21 David Stolow, Complainant Jennifer Toftness.pdf7.04 MB
EL12-21 David Stolow, Complainant Jennifer Toftness(2).pdf1 MB
-- EL 12-21 Stolow's answer.pdf884.72 KB
EL 12-22 Randall Bryce, Complainant Jennifer Toftness.pdf6.99 MB
EL 12-22 Randall Bryce, Complainant Jennifer Toftness(2).pdf3.27 MB
-- EL 12-22 Randy Bryce Response.pdf130.44 KB
EL12-23 Kelley Albrecht, Complainant Jennifer Toftness.pdf7.1 MB
EL12-23 Kelley Albrecht, Complainant Jennifer Toftness(2).pdf7.01 MB
EL12-23 Kelley Albrecht, Complainant Jennifer Toftness(3).pdf6.23 MB
-- EL 12-23 Kelley Albrecht Response.pdf231.28 KB
EL-12-24 Cindy Moore, Complainant Jennifer Toftness.pdf5.38 MB
-- EL 12-24 Cindy Moore Response.pdf206.66 KB
EL 12-25 Eric Prudent, Complainant Jennifer Toftness.pdf3.23 MB
-- EL 12-25 Eric Prudent Response.pdf270.49 KB
EL 12-26 Josh Young, Complainant Alvin Ott.pdf571.81 KB
-- EL 12-26 Josh Young's Response.pdf437.72 KB
EL 12-27 David Verhage, Complainant Katrina Shankland.pdf2.68 MB
EL 12-28 Bucholtz, Complainant Jeniifer Toftness.pdf3.88 MB
EL 12-29 Jesse Roelke, Complainant Matthew Spencer.pdf2.76 MB
EL 12-30 Jonathan Dedering, Complainant Joel Gratz.pdf233.93 KB
EL-12-31 Tom Hibbard, Complainant Chris Kapanga.pdf606 KB
EL 12-31 Tom Hibbard extended Complaint(1).pdf6.99 MB
EL 12-31 Tom Hibbard extended Complaint(2).pdf1.96 MB