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GAB June 8, 2011 Special Meeting

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06/08/2011 - 9:00am - 5:00pm
G.A.B. Board Room, 212 East Washington Ave., Madison

Special meeting to consider the recall petitions filed against Senator Hansen (District 30), Senator Holperin (District 12) and Senator Wirch (District 22).

6.8.11 Open Agenda Meeting Notice.pdf28.99 KB
June 8, 2011 GAB Minutes Signed.pdf486.06 KB
_Memo_Board_Sen_Hansen_Individual_Challenges_Final.pdf121.05 KB
_Memo_Board_Sen_Holperin_Individual_Challenges_Final.pdf121.62 KB
_Memo_Board_Sen_Wirch_Individual_Challenges_Final.pdf116.92 KB
Memo_Board_Hansen_Holperin_Wirch_Challenges_Circulator_Residence_and_Fraud_Final.pdf200.03 KB
Wirch Exibits for 6_8_11 Board Meeting.pdf231.18 KB
Holperin Exibits for 6_8_11 Board Meeting.pdf481.52 KB
Hansen Exibits for 6_8_11 Board Meeting.pdf452.27 KB