Voting Equipment and Polling Place Cleaning

Hand Sanitizer Issues and Options for COVID-19

The WEC is currently looking for options to find additional supplies that clerks can use, in the meantime, there are other options you can pursue on the local level to ensure you, your staff and election workers can practice recommended hand hygiene. This document contains more details about recommended options and sanitation supplies you may be able to source in local stores. If your municipality purchases sanitation supplies, we ask that you maintain receipts and document need. There is the potential that these costs could be reimbursed using federal funds after election day.

Critical Cleaning and Sanitation Supplies

As you are aware, there is a nationwide shortage of hand sanitizer and other disinfecting cleaning supplies. The State of Wisconsin is working directly with many manufacturers to acquire these products for polling places and clerk offices. To accurately estimate the demand for supplies, county clerks should email [email protected] with estimated needs for supplies.

Badger Book Cleaning Practices

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop, WEC staff compiled a list of suggested best practices for cleaning and sanitizing your Badger Books.

Voting Equipment Cleaning Best Practices by Vendors

Equipment cleaning practices are outlined by Clear Ballot, Dominion Voting, and Election Systems and Software (ES&S).