Training for Poll Workers

Election Official Training Resources

Clerks who are seeking to train chief inspectors and poll workers in the short period of time before the April 7, 2020 Spring Election and Presidential Preference Primary have a variety of topical online and updated training resources available to them.  We suggest clerks train their election workers using the online training resources detailed in this communication based on the tasks they will be performing at the polls on Election Day.  

Helpful Training Resources:

Election Day Procedures Webinar for 7th CD Special Election May 12 - NEW

Election Helper Training Presentation Video - NEW

COVID-19 Pollworker Training Webinar - NEW

Voter Registration Application Video - NEW

Public Health Guidance for Elections and Polling Place Materials

Election Official Training Resources Memo

The Learning Center (username and password required) Baseline Chief Inspector Training

WEC Agency Website (no username or password required) Baseline Chief Inspector Training

Voter Registration (EL-131) Training PowerPoint

Election Administration Training Webinars

Training Agendas

Election Day Manual

Your Role and Responsibilities as a Poll Worker Video

Absentee Guide for Voters and Clerks - COVID-19 Update

Polling Place Procedures (COVID-19) Video