Moving a Polling Place

FAQs on relocating a polling place for the April 7 election

Based upon the emergency order of the Governor and directives of the Department of Health Services, the Wisconsin Elections Commission determined that, for the Spring Election as well as the May 12th Special Election, municipal clerks may move polling places within 30 days of the election without obtaining approval of the local governing body. 

Establishing a New Polling Place Checklist

This page provides guidance on step-by-step instructions of changing a polling place, including important accessibility requirements. If the polling place requires additional accessibility supplies, such as signage, cones, or doorbells, to maintain accessibility requirements, please fill out the supply order form on the page and email it to [email protected].

Election Day Accessibility Checklist

Relocated polling places must still pass guidelines outlined in the Election Day Accessibility Checklist for new polling places. The document covers severe accessibility issues from the full-length accessibility survey, that may prevent a voter from voting at their designated polling place. 

Sample News Release for Municipal Clerks Moving Polling Places due to COVID-19

This is a sample news release that municipal clerks can use to inform the media and public about changes in polling places.