Absentee Envelopes

Absentee Envelope Issues and Options FAQs

The Wisconsin Elections Commission has received numerous questions regarding absentee ballot envelopes, potential shortages and what procedures can be used if clerks are running low on envelopes. We also understand that printing vendors around the state have exhausted their stock of envelopes and have cited delays in the paper supply chain.  The WEC is currently looking for options to find additional stock at that clerks can use, in the meantime, we know there are some jurisdictions who are reaching the end of their current stock. The FAQ document provides guidance on options that may be available to you to modify the types of envelopes you are using so that you are able to fulfill requests timely.  

Official Absentee Ballot Application/Certification (EL-122)

Combination Absentee Ballot Application/Certification. Serves as an absentee ballot application and an absentee ballot certificate. Voters are not required to complete a separate absentee ballot application.

Uniform Absentee Ballot Instructions

Consolidated Uniform Absentee Voting Instructions for Military, Overseas and Regular Voters. Please note that the military and overseas instructions also apply to voters who were mailed their ballot and are returning it by mail. These instructions are intended for clerks to be mailed with absentee ballots.

Faxing and Emailing Absentee Ballots to Voters: Instructions for Clerks

Clerk instructions for emailing and faxing ballots to voters. Please note that clerks may email any voter their ballot if the voter requests, but the voter must return the ballot by mail.