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Democratic Party Challenge Consolidated Exhibits

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May 5, 2011
Exhibits to challenges filed on behalf of Senators Hansen, Holperin and Wirch
Ex 1 - Corinne Pocan.pdf1.64 MB
Ex 2 - Kennedy Enterprise and Lamm Consulting.pdf2.36 MB
Ex 3 - Case No. OS 2010-0036.pdf371.16 KB
Ex 4 - GBPD Case Report 11-203441.pdf1.93 MB
Ex 5 - CDPS Harrell Arrest Record.pdf1.24 MB
Ex 6 - Hansen pg 351.pdf150 KB
Ex 7 - Event ID LGB110324016122.pdf117.3 KB
Ex 8 - Wirch pg 2011.pdf417.97 KB
Ex 9 - Holperin pg 1386.pdf150.75 KB
Ex 10 - MailBoxesTimes.pdf232.71 KB
Ex 11 - Hansen pg 1204.pdf160.81 KB
Ex 12 - FL Dept of State Div of Corporations.pdf1.32 MB
Ex 13 - Holperin pg 579.pdf138.81 KB
Ex 14 - Hansen pg 1001.pdf407.01 KB
Ex 15 - Hansen pg 1506.pdf357.6 KB
Ex 16.pdf7.25 MB
Ex 17.pdf564.46 KB
Ex 18.pdf720.58 KB
Ex 19.pdf1.9 MB
Ex 20.pdf870.78 KB
Ex 21.pdf3.04 MB
Ex 22.pdf263.95 KB
Ex 23.pdf427.47 KB
Ex 24.pdf268.24 KB
Ex 25.pdf186.89 KB
Ex 26.pdf188 KB
Ex 27.pdf178.54 KB
Ex 28.pdf729.08 KB
Ex 29.pdf348.22 KB
Ex 30.pdf468.2 KB
Ex 31.pdf96.89 KB
Ex 32.pdf256.15 KB
Ex 33.pdf252.73 KB
Ex 34.pdf256.22 KB
Ex 35.pdf310.87 KB
Ex 36.pdf257.66 KB
Ex 37.pdf247.67 KB
Ex 38.pdf237.26 KB
Ex 39.pdf273.44 KB
Ex 40.pdf260.83 KB
Ex 41.pdf256.88 KB
Ex 42.pdf264.5 KB
Ex 43.pdf235.94 KB
Ex 44.pdf261.96 KB
Ex 45.pdf263.79 KB
Ex 46.pdf113.85 KB
Ex 47.pdf274.35 KB
Ex 48.pdf520.21 KB
Ex 49.pdf682.87 KB
Ex 50.pdf562.9 KB
Ex 51.pdf309.81 KB
Ex 52.pdf292.61 KB
Ex 53.pdf227.34 KB
Ex 54.pdf223.11 KB
Ex 55.pdf121.89 KB
Ex 56.pdf433.6 KB
Ex 57.pdf177.18 KB
Ex 58.pdf523.22 KB
Ex 59.pdf766.68 KB
Ex 60.pdf4.79 MB
Ex 61.pdf422.91 KB
Ex 62.pdf490.48 KB
Ex 64.pdf2.1 MB
Ex 65.pdf1.52 MB
Ex 66.pdf530.12 KB
Ex 67.pdf352.19 KB
Ex 68.pdf656.08 KB
Ex 69.pdf418.15 KB
Ex 70.pdf115.63 KB
Ex 71.pdf122.54 KB
Ex 72.pdf55.55 KB
Ex 73.pdf69.18 KB
Ex 74-12.pdf4.46 MB
Ex 74-22.pdf3.78 MB
Ex 74-30.pdf10.15 MB
Ex 75.pdf3.31 MB

The first 62 exhibits are for the challenges to recall petitions for Senator Hansen, Senator Holperin and Senator Wirch.

Exhibit 63 is attached to the primary challenge document.

Exhibits 64 to 72 are replies to the rebuttal.